Vegan Food Philosophy

Cambodian influence in the Hariharalaya experience


Food is our way of participating in the great Cycle of Life. We honor the Life that sustains us – eating local, seasonal, simple, colorful and delicious vegan foods. Cambodian Cuisine lends itself well to a vegan diet, because they do not traditionally use any milk or dairy, instead relying on the abundant and nutritious coconut. It is also a natural gluten free diet as they do not traditionally cultivate wheat, but instead use non glutinous flours such as rice flour and cassava flour.

Starting the day

Our breakfasts always include fresh fruit – like mango, pineapple, watermelon, dragonfruit.

A main course – ranging from Stir Fried Noodles & Vegetables, Khmer Rice Porridge, Waffle Bar, and more.

As well as a smoothie of the day –  Passionate Dragon, Chocolate Banana, Passion fruit & Pineapple , etc.

Keeping you going

Our lunches and dinner consist of a main course from our Vegan cookbook, brown rice and a fresh salad.

Meals range from Khmer Curries, Rice Noodle Pastas, Mexican Chili, Hummus, Indian Dahl and Pumpkin Soup and much more.

Much, much more!


"Most importantly the food provided is amazing!! "

Lydia B on Tripadvisor July 2017

“Every single meal surpassed expectation. You are invited to help yourselves to seconds and thirds at every meal so you’ll never go hungry!”

Cooking with Consciousness

Take a taste of Hariharalaya home with you

The good news is that you can continue to eat delicious and healthy vegan food once you leave Hariharalaya! We will send you a free electronic copy of our own cookbook – Hariharalaya: Cooking with Consciousness.

With over 90 of our favorite Cambodian and International vegan recipes including high quality color photos, it is the perfect addition to your home kitchen!